Anggrek Agency was founded by Steven Anggrek, a graduate of Executive Master in Art Market Studies from University of Zurich, as an art agency and social space in Zurich.

Since September 2023, Anggrek Agency has been open to the public, exhibiting and facilitating the purchase of contemporary artworks by international artists in a laid-back setting. Doubling as a social space, the agency — situated on the first floor of Turbinenstrasse 46, Zurich 8005 — serves as a meeting spot where strangers can become friends, enjoying coffee, cheesecake, or monthly communal dinners in rooms surrounded by contemporary artworks.

Currently showing: PLEASURE BOY, Polaroid Collages by Stuart Sandford
5th January - 30th March 2024

Anggrek Agency
Turbinenstrasse 46   Zurich 8005   Switzerland

Turbinenstrasse 46, Zurich 8005