Photo: © Krzysztof Hryhorczak
Steven Anggrek founded Anggrek Agency (AA) as a project space for experiments. With degrees Master of Business Administration from City University of Seattle and Executive Master in Art Market Studies from University of Zurich, Anggrek is more than eager to support emerging talents by hosting cocktail parties and offering intimate private dining experience for friends (”there are no strangers here; only friends you haven't yet met” W.B. Yeats) in a room surrounded by contemporary artworks. 

In addition, Anggrek provides, together with some friends, creative direction and visual storytelling through graphic design, photography, and illustration. AA handles every aspect of the creative process, with a deep appreciation for aesthetics and a keen eye for detail, from conceptualizing and designing compelling visual identities to developing contemporary advertising campaigns. Whether you are a start-up looking to establish a strong visual identity or an established brand seeking to breathe new life into your creative strategy, AA takes care of this for you. Let’s start embarking on a journey of imagination and artistic brilliance!

Wait. Did we mention cheesecake? 
After some time spent at Gastro Zurich, learning about food production, Anggrek bakes and sells cheesecake online under the brand Kue Keju. AA is now the pick up point for Kue Keju customers. You can order your favourite cheesecake directly at and pick it up at AA. We offer the cheesecake also in slices, just come over already! Let’s be social!

Anggrek Agency

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Links Social Wear  
Loïc wearing his favorite golf shirt by Links Social Wear.

Links Social Wear is a new golf apparel company based in Switzerland. Made with Bulgarian wool and Austrian lyocell in Portugal, this is an outcome of EU quality and savoir faire. It fits perfectly to body and is breathable and odor resistant.

Available in three colours and four sizes.

Withered Roses in a White Vase  
Withered Roses in a White Vase

Since the ancient times, people have been using flowers to express their feelings. 
Red roses are given to show love and passion. The number of roses also holds a meaning. Two roses means a bond between two lovers, a mutual love. 
Three roses represents three words: I love you. 
Five roses says I love you very much. 
Seven roses means I belong to you.

However, withered roses have different meanings. They are believed as a symbol of old love, something that had happened in the past or that the love is dead.

For myself, the withered roses are roses at their most beautiful. Perhaps because they are at their final appearance.

Printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper, dimension of 40 x 60 cm, as limited edition of 10.

This series of photographs was exhibited at Agora Gallery NY in 2016 and displayed at Tokyo International Art Fair in May 2016.

Received Honorable Mention at Moscow Foto Awads and Paris Photo Prize 2015.

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Some film photographs of Matterhorn, taken early morning in January 2022, when the sun rose and its light hit the top of the Matterhorn. The moon was still there as if it waited, expecting to see the golden peak of Matterhorn. It was quite breathtaking to see it before ones eyes.

These photographs were exhibited at the PhotoSchweiz 23, halle 550, 6-10 January 2023.

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