Yen Melia ANDREAS, The Fight of Camellia, 2022
Watercolor on Paper
100 x 150 cm
02.    She Blooms in Colors

Anggrek Agency is pleased to present Yen Melia Andreas in her first solo exhibition, and her first time exhibiting in Europe, titled “She Blooms in Colors.”

Yen Melia Andreas (Indonesian, *1996) completed her Bachelor of Architecture degree before rediscovering her passion for art as a means to express her personal experiences. After graduating from Parahyangan Catholic University, Andreas enrolled in a year-long online fine art program at the Milan Art Institute. Her artistic journey continued as she joined the Atreyu Moniaga Project, an art incubator program, where she further honed her skills and developed her unique artistic voice.

Trained with the precision of an architect and with other artistic skills she picked up from the streets rather than formal art education, Andreas paints beautiful female figures in an oriental style that reflects her experiences, including her struggles to carve out her space within society. Her work serves as a reminder to appreciate one’s growth, to navigate trust issues with others, and to cherish simple moments in life, such as living in the present and enjoying the beauty of all seasons.

This solo exhibition, consisting of seven watercolor paintings framed with Museum Glass by the wonderful people of Geiser Rahmen, set out as the first part of a series.  It will be followed by a three-person exhibition showcasing the use of figurative language in paintings, where Andreas and two other artists will display their oil on canvas works.

Please join us at the opening reception of She Blooms in Colors, with the artist in attendance, on Friday 5th April 2024, from 18:00 to 22:00.

The exhibition runs until Wednesday 15th May 2024. 

Anggrek Agency
Turbinenstrasse 46
CH-8005 Zurich

Opening hour:
Wednesday - Saturday: 11:00 - 18:00
Sunday - Tuesday: open by appointment 

The Quiet Resilience

Text by Venerdi Handoyo

It's springtime for the seeds of numerous flowers that Yen Melia Andreas has quietly gathered throughout her life and planted in her own garden over the past few years. These seeds were initially collected in her hometown, a city in North Sumatra, Indonesia, where she was born into a society still steeped in archaic values that favored sons over daughters. The mysoginistic repression was the cherry on top of being a Chinese descent - a minority in the country. 

In the remote city of Pangkalan Kerinci, Andreas and her family took the first steps towards breaking free from societal confinements, collecting another batch of seeds. Living in Bali and Bandung for the subsequent stages of her life exposed her to an even wider variety of seeds - those of self-discovery, dreams, and artistic expressions.

Since 2020, Andreas, now based in Jakarta, has entered the main chapter of her life. Leaving behind her career as an architect, she now channels her creativity through fluid brush strokes on canvas, juxtaposing striking contrasts of subdued colors. In this process, she releases the bottled-up energy she has long harnessed, often in solitude. Perseverance, liberation, and independence are richly manifested, blossoming around female figures adorned with thin lips and sharp, slanted eyes. 

Her determination is stronger than the intergenerational repressions she has been facing. Yen has won her battles without raising her voice. Her power is subtle, her resilience quiet.

Through her artistic pursuits, Andreas has found a voice to express her innermost thoughts and emotions, channeling her energy into creating striking works of art that reflect themes of perseverance, liberation, and independence. Despite facing intergenerational repressions and being a minority, Andreas has triumphed quietly, showcasing the power of quiet resilience and the transformative power of self-discovery and artistic expression.

Anggrek Agency
Turbinenstrasse 46  CH-8005  Zurich